Taiji Day 258: return to mornings

Returned to my early-morning tai chi routine today. Despite my discovery yesterday that adepthood requires practice and familiarity in many environments, I must say that I don’t like working in darkness at the end of the day to work for me. I may develop another routine to do in the evenings, but I want the one I currently do to be my morning routine exclusively.

It’s nice to do tai chi in the morning. I start out grumpy, because the Dweller on the Threshold suggests I should be. Then gradually my body warms up and my head comes awake, and I start to enjoy the work and the flow of strength through me. By the time I’m done, I’m happy I did it.

I’ve genuinely missed doing it.

At the same time, my body is pretending to be tired of it. I’m not clear if it’s trying to shut me down before I’ve done a year’s worth of daily practice, or if it’s genuine need to move on. There’s about 108 days left to see what comes of this all, so I guess we’ll find out.

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