Taiji day 248: Split Decision

Traveling today, so I only did one third of my tai chi practice before getting on the road. The five golden coins helped keep me from stiffening up during the long car drive up to Maine. But I missed the groundedness that comes from eight pieces of silk and the form.

Traveling resulted in a split decision today: the morning Tai chi made me feel good, but it didn’t push me “over the edge” into having a great day. Finishing the program later in the day was ok, but not totally awesome. After such a long absence from the work during the day, it was hard to return to it in an appropriate mindset and do it well.

I’ve also been dehydrated the last couple of days, and I’ve been feeling very fried as a result. However, I seem to have taken care of that with some marathon water-drinking the last couple of days. Rehydrating is important, but difficult to do well so that it stays done. I barely know what I’m saying here, actually. All I know is that I feel watered up, and not dried out. Subtle, not gross.

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  1. Always a good idea to be rehydrated as the efficiency of mind and body drops rapidly the more dehydrated you are. I have intentions to start tai chi, considering Colchester where I live happens to be a major European base for it.

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