Taiji Day 247: Find Balance

There’s always the chance when I’m doing a tai chi routine that I’m going to fall.  But every time that I do the form, I feel like that possibility gets more remote.  Every time I almost fall, I find new ways of righting myself, and keeping myself on-balance. Today, during a spin, I felt my ankle wobble.  Immediately I pressed my foot more firmly against the floor, and found the Three Nails: big toe, ball of foot, heel.  And I stopped wobbling, and started standing.  On one foot.  With both arms extended out from my shoulders.  After having done a full 360° spin.

This is delightful.  I cracked a smile.  And laughed.

I’m crying now at the memory of it.  And this is another effect of doing tai chi every day.  I feel like my emotional life is a lot closer to the surface all the time.  But I also feel like it is more easily activated on others’ behalf now.  And I’m able to be more open as a result.


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