Cardboard castle

Cardboard castle

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I made this little cardboard castle today in the Design Lab, for the use of our first grade.  I was thinking about this Design Exercise I have in mind for them.  At first I assembled it using Makedo parts, and then I used a hot-glue-gun to assemble it the rest of the way. Once I had the overall design done in rough draft with the Makedo rivets, I reassembled it with hot glue. I’m thinking of designing some small buildings and some small “paper doll” figurines to go with these buildings…

I’ve also realized that we can have 5-6 different building designs all assembled in roughly the same way. And if we can assemble castle keeps this way, we can assemble royal fortresses and tenements the same way. We can build New York City slums to talk about immigration, and royal castles and cathedrals to talk about the middle ages, and Japanese pagodas and Mongolian yurts.

Buildings that used to be photographs in expensive books can now be three-D models. Not virtual or digital, but real and 3D, to be handed around the classroom. Learning the building techniques for a medieval tower allows one to build a New York Tenement. Building a tenement allows one to build the Petronas Towers or Chartres Cathedral.

In cardboard.

Cardboard castle

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