Taiji Day 228: Easing Anxieties

This morning, I woke at 5 am, ready to do tai chi. This was a problem.  I wanted to sleep in.  But in truth, I’ve never had an easy time sleeping in.  When the Sun’s up, I’m up.  Usually even earlier than that, as well.  And this morning, I wanted to do the forms.

I held off until 6:30.  I lay in bed meditating.  I did a little writing.  I doodled a little.  I read some more of a book I’m working through.  I went to the bathroom.  At around 6:30, though, I gave in and did the three forms.  And all the anxieties about doing the form, and getting it done, went away. Whatever threshold I needed to cross, wherever the reluctances of the last week had come from, they’re gone for now.

And I appear to be working on a different level than before.  I’m hitting my 12-14 minute target on the tai chi form every day now, as opposed to haphazardly.  It’s getting easier to work through the qi gong forms with efficiency and strength, rather than doing one posture, and then wool-gathering for a bit before doing three more.  I find my attention is wandering less since that episode last week.  And my sinuses appear to be really clear, instead of partially clear.  This condition of being able to breathe all the time is lasting right through autumn, or at least it is so far.

In theory, Dad and I are meeting up in New Haven today to see some art and technology, and have a bite to eat together. I’m looking forward to it.

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