Taiji Day 227: smelly

Welcome to my German visitors today — I’ve had more visitors from a non-US country in a single day today than I’ve ever had.  I gather that I’ve said something of interest to people who are learning German, with regard to palace of memory.

Tai chi today was boring.  It’s hard to imagine that 227 days of the same thing could be not boring, and yet, this time around, it was so ‘normal’ that I might as well have been making coffee or washing dishes (for the record, I never make my own coffee… I usually go to Klekolo, which is just a few blocks from home… let me know if you’re in the area, we’ll have … coffee).

Although, what’s coming back on-line is my sense of smell.  I have not paid much attention to my sense of smell over the years, and the last few days, my ability to smell the world around me, and notice pleasant and unpleasant smells, has been gradually restored. Part of this is that my typical snottiness (by which I mean, semi-constant sinus troubles, not my elitist personality) is gradually diminishing. Right now I’m in my house, in autumn, with many of the windows closed.  My nose should be blocked tighter than the front gate at Area 51, and yet I’m breathing clear.  This is a Good Thing.

Something smells bad in the front room.  It’s on the bookshelf side of the wall, closer to the front of the house than the middle.  It’s not as detectable when I’m over by the artist’s desk (opposite corner), but at the main desk it is.  I can’t smell this particular smell in the rest of the house, although the compost bucket in the kitchen is getting nasty and needs to go to the pile in the back of the house.

There’s a very pleasant smell in the little closet where I have a small shrine set up.  Burning incense in honor of the angels of the consecutive days of the week gradually creates this odor that’s… well.  It’s a mix of frankincense, jasmine, dragon’s blood, lavender, cedar, rose, and myrrh.  It’s heady and hearty.  I tried making a perfume oil that had these qualities, and just mixing them in the same bottle isn’t enough.  You really do have to apply them separately, and daily, to get this smell, especially the way the individual scents drift through the apartment when each one is burned in turn.

There’s an aloe vera in the pantry.  It doesn’t smell exactly, but there’s a freshness in the air near it.  The kitchen smells different when the refrigerator is open, against when it’s closed.

I never expected that tai chi would improve my sense of smell, but it appears to have done so.  The clear sinuses is an added side benefit to knowing the world of wonder around me.

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