Taiji Day 224: The-Not-So-Gentle Light

There’s a scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the mom and the kid are in the house, and there’s this horrifically bright white light shining through all the windows of the house, very slightly pulsing.

This morning, while I was doing the forms, there was a big street sweeper on the road outside, backing up and down the street, working the corner of the street that ends right at my house, and cleaning the whole intersection.  The whole time through my morning routine, there was this light outside, washing through the blinds and changing direction and scattering beams of bright white and ghastly yellow light (from the ‘official-but-not-emergency’ vehicle lamps) through my office.  It was a nice effect.  It made it hard to concentrate on breathing patterns, but it was a nice break from routine.

The grumps and dumps that accompanied yesterday’s tai chi routine are gone, chased away by the great ape.

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