17th mansion of the moon

17th mansion of the moon
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As my journal entry indicated this morning, I didn’t have an easy time getting up this morning.

Fortunately, the Great Ape of the 17th mansion of the moon was on my class’s whiteboard for most of the day, right next to the Latin homework. And he made people really happy. He was funny and cool, and distracting in the right ways, and he brought us a laugh and helped reverse the bad luck which began the day.

My kids’ artistic abilities are increasing, too.

Oh, and I also responded to a *sigh* from a girl who thinks my artwork is ‘good’. I showed her and the rest of her class my ‘secret’, which is that I do a lot of borrowing of illustrations. This guy is my poor/intermediate effort to create a version of this drawing, which is as useful an image of the Mansion that I know of. Sometimes we learn the art of making art by growing our own vision, and sometimes through a borrowing.

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