Taiji Day 217: Time yourself

This morning, I set a stopwatch going.  I did so after the two qi gong forms, where it is less important to worry about time than it is to do the movements.  I was only interested in the the time on my form.  The Patience Tai Chi website seems to have a good listing of my form’s movements, in the correct order, and they recommend seven minutes for good health, and ten to twelve minutes for “something more”.  This morning I took a little under 9 minutes and twenty seconds to do the form, which I did by doing two full breaths in and out on each posture. Which means that I’m in the “good health” range, but I have to push myself a bit more to get good enough to get the something more.

I feel like I’m on the verge of the “something more”, though.  Whenever I do that kind of strong circular breathing during the form, there’s a sharpness in my breath.  My nostrils flare, and whatever lingering cold or sinus gunk clears out lickety-split, faster than if I’d used a neti pot.  Yesterday’s knee pain is entirely gone, too. As if it had never been.  Whatever was bothering me, the circulating chi seems to have taken care of it.

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