Sometime in the last half-hour, this blog passed 60,000 all-time views.  I usually get between 35 and 100 hits in a day, so sometime in the next 24 hours, I’ll also hit 18,000 views this year — a new record for me, and one which makes it very likely that I’ll break 20,000 views for the whole year. Which means that a third-ish of my readership has shown up in the last nine months.

None of this necessarily means much of anything, but now is as good a time to make a shout-out as any.  Thank you to you, the readers.  If you’ve thought about introducing yourself, or saying hi, or just wanted to say thanks, or even “Andrew, stop writing now,”… now’s your chance:  I’ve turned off the Like and share buttons for this entry, and you’ll have to show appreciation or criticism some other way, by actually writing something.

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    • Sure!

      Incidentally, today’s Rune Soup entry was absolutely magnificent. There are no true single conspiracies, but rather a whole series of conspiracies alternately arrayed against each other, and against ourselves. Brilliant.

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