Taiji day 216: injured knee

This morning I began my tai chi routine, and discovered during the first lower-body movements that I have injured my left knee somehow. I think I banged it during field day on Friday, but it’s also possible I slept on it wrong during the past weekend. Either way, when it came to doing poses like snake creeps down and the pheasant kicks, it was screaming for attention unhappily.

By the end of the three routines it was a little better, but it’s clear I’m going to be nursing it for a few days. The nice bit about tai chi is how the form itself tells me what’s wrong with my body, and gives me a path to correcting it.

The other thing that happened was that my biceps were tight when I woke this morning, it appears that I’ve overdone the ‘snap’ on the return to ready position, and the biceps have gotten to strong. Again, the correction is built-in— remember to do the snap on the punch or push, and not just on the return.

Already, paying attention to these two things, I feel like I’m getting better from whatever injury I sustained. Preventative medicine: gotta love it.

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