Taiji day 194

I got interrupted several times this morning during the tai chi routine. First I became aware of an extended conversation of the porch of the house where I’m staying. At the end of Five Golden Coins I joined that conversation for a while; then I came inside and did Eight Pieces of Silk. Then I rejoined the porch conversation for a while, then I did the form.

The change in intensity definitely shifted the quality of the energy I raised. Usually I can feel the blood pumping in my arteries and feel my chest heaving with a good, intense, tai chi workout. There’s a flow of forces through me that’s startling.

When I interrupt the program, though, it’s hard to reach that level of intensity. So there’s a definite risk to interrupting the program, above and beyond the risk of just stopping after one part and not getting back to the rest of the form.

So on the one hand I’m pleased that I was able to muster the willpower to do the three bits even with interruptions. On the other hand, its nice to discover that I really do need to do the three forms together if I want to do some energy work.

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