Taiji Day 192: Clearing Cobwebs

There were lingering cobwebs in my head and limbs this morning after a long day yesterday, and I had trouble getting up and getting started this morning.  Part of me wonders if I have an illness; there have been several such days in a row.  On the other hand, doing tai chi seems to have cleared the cobwebs.  Progress!  When I say ‘cobwebs’, though, I realize that diet has a lot to do with my experiences. The food I ate for dinner last night was not my usual diet. Although it was delicious, it wasn’t what I usually eat, which is a modified paleo program…  But I am discovering that what I put into my body for dinner the night before has an effect on my pre-tai chi experience getting up and getting going to following day.

The tai chi clears the cobwebs, of course.  Of course it does.  But my morning practice is always better on days when I don’t have to start with a good sweeping-out.

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