Taiji day 180: gardens

I’m staying at a lovely house for the weekend, for a wedding. We’re camping in the back yard. Frankly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to post this until after the wedding is over tomorrow. But it was wonderful to do tai chi in someone’s garden this morning as the sun was coming up.

Most of the flowers are gone, of course. It’s that time of year. But the daisy fleabane is blossoming, and a few other wildflowers. There’s a bright one, yellow, that looks like a variety of goldenrod. And across the stream there’s a vine that looks like moonflower.

Yet up to the right, overshadowing my spot, was a maple whose leaves have already yellowed — one big clump together. The rest of the tree is still green, but…

Yes, you Game of Thrones fans… winter is coming. I’ve only read the first two books of course, but I remember that much. And it’s a reminder that I’m about to enter my third season of doing daily tai chi. I began in the spring, worked it through the summer, and now autumn is here. It feels good.

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