Taiji day 163: changing the room

I did five golden coins, eight pieces of silk, and the form this morning. As I said, nothing special. It’s changing me, but so slowly and imperceptibly that it’s not doing much at all. Yesterday I climbed Pony Mountain. Today I did tai chi and then I’ll go vote in the primaries at home, and meet a couple of colleagues.

The last few days I’ve been noticing that the living room air conditioner turns on, more or less every time I do tai chi in the house. It used to turn on during the form. Then it turned on during eight pieces of silk. Then it turned on near the end of five golden coins. These days, I have only to do the first few movements of five golden coins before the air conditioner comes on and starts cooling the room off. It’s kinda funny: yesterday I get the weird feeling crows are talking to me, but today I won’t believe that my chi work is raising the temperature in the living room enough to make the air conditioner turn on.

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