Illustrating Jack Parsons

Illustrating Jack Parsons
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A few weeks or months ago, Gordon introduced me to “We are the witchcraft” (link broken at publication date – maybe it’ll come back eventually) by Jack Parsons. I’ve illustrated it or illuminated it a couple of times, and finally put it into this memory book I’m working on. Near the beginning (alas, not on this page), there’s a long paragraph explaining witchcraft’s long and disorganized history from ancient hunters to the groves of Greece. I didn’t leave enough room to illustrate all of it, but I put in a rock drawing from Africa, and the sun coming up beside a dolmens, and a Magian King, and a wild and stately dancer from Greece. The following page has an illustration of Johnnes Dee, who was court astrologer to Elizabeth I (Gordon, are you court astrologer to Elizabeth II? :-), and a window for Gawain (or possibly Arthur).

I think my biggest challenge is going to be finding enough stuff to put in this book, rather than worrying about how to illustrate or illuminate what I do put in.

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