Taiji day 161: strong legs

During each of the elements of my daily practice, there are deep knee bends. During the Five Gold coins, it’s part of a routine called carry milk to heaven.. During the Eight Pieces of Silk, it’s called sink down on knees, and they’re meant to be slow. During the form, there are several. First comes grab needle at sea bottom, followed by snake creeps down a little later.

When I started, all these postures were challenging. I had difficulty doing more thank sinking partway down, and then bouncing right back up. I worried that if I ever sunk down and hung around too long, I’d be stuck and couldn’t get up. Isn’t there a commercial about that? Easiest just to do the posture in a half-assed way, and bounce right back up again.

Except now, it’s getting to be easy to sink down and stay down. My legs are stronger and my balance is better. I can hang around without worry of failing over or being unable to rise again. I walk differently because of how much stronger my legs are.

It’s weird to me that I can have a woo-woo experience like yesterday’s reiki outflow, and today I’m thinking about musculature and body strength, but that’s sort of the way of it, isn’t it? Some days are gym days, some days are library days, some days are church days. There’s a predominant insight that empowers a day, each day, if you let it.

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