Sun sign

Sun sign
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This morning there was a 20-ish minute window for doing solar ceremonial work, which i learned about from mu friend Cole, and from Renaissance Astrology’s Christopher Warnock. Given that I’m doing a lot with artwork these days, I figured I would try duplicating Warnock’s icon for the day in one of the frames I’d already created. Here it is.

I don’t feel it’s the best such image I’ve created, nor the worst. I varied somewhat from his design, while keeping the core essentials. I wish I’d proportioned the figure correctly in the window, but — given that the working window was a little less than 20 minutes, there wasn’t much time to correct my errors.

The question I’m wrestling with, now, is can I color the image? My understanding is that once an image of this kind is made, one shouldn’t mess with it too much. I could wait for other windows in astrology to color it… Or I could just color it in right now… Or I could… Well, I don’t want to go into it. Peregrin, do you have an opinion? You’re a names-and-images person, yourself.

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  1. Freeman,

    Today’s election was about Mercury Cazimi the Sun, which is highly auspicious, and the window closed more or less the moment that the Sun rose. Since the main body of the talisman is astrologically timed, I’m reluctant to mess around with it too much using the Planetary Hours system. Although I like the idea of working a talisman through Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable over the course of a day. You could also do it over a three week period, although that would mean that the moon would be waning or likely otherwise ill-aspected for some part of the working.

    • In fact, it might be interesting to do three parts to a talisman working if there was an election that didn’t fall into any detriment for a whole day. One could divide the work into Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable parts …

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