Taiji day 137: Buddha

Today I did tai chi on the front lawn, and I noticed a stone Buddha on the front porch. It’s probably cement, but in any case it was positioned in front of a curtained window. Thanks to the curtain, I could see my reflection in the window, and my head bobbing up and down as I did tai chi — golden coins, silk brocade and form today. my head isn’t supposed to be bobbing.

As I went through the tai chi form, from time to time my head would vanish behind the stone head of the Buddha. Here I am, worrying about my head bobbing, and I can’t even see the problem properly because there’s this object in the way! Argh!

I finished the form, not in the best of moods. Then I realized. In the darkened window I could see my own shoulders. And resting on my shoulders, precisely supported by them, was the head of a Buddha.

It’s all good. The bobbing shoulders and head will fix themselves eventually.

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