Taiji Day 138: In My Own House

It’s been a good two weeks since I’ve done tai chi in my own house, and today I had that honor and pleasure.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve missed this work as much as I have i this space, but I have, and it was good to be back in it.  No Buddhas, no lawn chairs, no trying to do the work outdoors in a cloud of bugs after being up all night listening to songs and stories… it’s nice to be back under my own roof.

During my few days away from technology, my friend Lisa reminded me to be conscious of the Chi flowing through me even if I didn’t really believe in it. In other words, if I acted as if the chi was flowing through me appropriately during the three pieces of chi-work I did, I’d be much more likely to experience the energy- and consciousness- shifting states that I associate with chi.  It wouldn’t really matter if I believed that the chi was really there or not; the act of behaving as it it was real would cause it to appear.

So is it proving.  If you believe, or at least act, as if chi is a recognizable phenomenon during your daily practice, the chi will gradually make itself known to you.  It’s an odd sensation at first, perhaps akin to being covered with a great big friendly swarm of bees.  Except that some of you, readers, are probably squirming in your seats at that thought, so it’s important to note that the ‘swarm of bees’ is so clearly a part of yourself, and generated by yourself, that there’s no risk of being stung.  Quite the contrary, I feel awake, and alert, and alive after working with chi, and yet sheltered, armored and cocooned at the same time.  The level of energy raised is also rising in intensity the more I practice this way, which I appreciate.


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  1. Andrew, I also enjoy tai chi and also Chi gung. When I have acupuncture, I can feel the chi flowing, a wonderful sensation. Helpful with illnesses. Marthajoy

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