Taiji day 129: through a cold

I haven’t suffered many colds or illness since I started tai chi – five gold coins, eight pieces of silk and the form today – but today I have one of those wicked summer “colds” that seems localized in my left sinuses. I seemed to be sneezing every other posture, and my left ear is stopped up something bad. I seem to process colds pretty fast now that I’m building up my immune system, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Part of it, I’m sure, is climotrauma — moving frequently from cold dry air of air-conditioned spaces and buildings to the warm humid air outside. I often wish I could just adjust to being warm or being cold, not shift back and forth between one and the other all the time.

The tai chi was uneventful. I still have knees that don’t hurt. I swallowed a bug because I did the forms outside and breathed in too quickly. The hazards of getting the work done.

Ok, off to the woods!

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