Day 128: knee bends don’t hurt

It’s been a few days now, so I think I’m safe saying this. My knees don’t hurt.

I’m a big guy. I weigh close to three hundred pounds. In the last year, there have been days when I have weighed three hundred pounds. Staying under three hundred pounds is a major goal of mine — my BMI index says I should weigh 190, which seems like a number from Fantasyland, but hey… I’d be happy with a number under 250 for six months in a row.

In the meantime, though, I’ll settle for a far more realistic and wonderful result — namely that my knees no longer hurt. My dad just had one of his knees replaced a year ago in February with a technological terror, a thing of high-tech plastic and titanium steel. He is a large guy, too. And I thought, there but for exercise go I.

So. Tai chi: form first today, then five gold coins, then eight pieces of silk. And during the deep knee bends and the move called “snake creeps down” I was aware that my knees did not hurt. That they hadn’t hurt in a long time. That they were doing fine. That the motions were a-ok. That the tendons and muscles around my knees had firmed up and strengthened.

People who haven’t seen me in a while comment on the change in my posture. I stand differently. My weight, large though I am, hangs differently on my body. I can stand in horse stance for longer periods of time.

I know there are greater changes ahead, “further up and further in.” but for now, an absence of knee pain is good. It suggests that I’m going in the right direction.

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  1. Wonderful, dear! I found that when I was dancing (hardcore, not club-style) once a week, my strength, endurance, balance and grace all improved steadily. Good on yer, as the Aussies would say. :o)

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