Taiji day 125

I started tai chi today with five golden coins, but then I stopped. I’ve been doing that first for s while. So I did eight piecs of silk first, then the five golden coins. Switching routines was useful. I actually got a better workout from the change in order. I ended with the form; my biggest achievement for the day was a perfect half-spin leading into a high kick with heel.

I don’t usually get complex movements like this one, this precise. This par of moves is always hard because one is at risk of being unbalanced going into the spin. My teacher said “put your big toe down to balance after the spin; that will give you the stability to execute the kick. Once you know this, though, you won’t need the toe-touch.” So it proved today — I spun, and lifted my leg right into the high kick. I hope this becomes a habit: the kick is a really nice stretch on my left leg.

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