Kavad 4.8 – the Decans of Leo

Kavad 4.8 – the Decans of Leo
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Here are the Decans (or Faces) of Leo. I’m not sure if I like Decans or Faces better as a word. Decans references the fact that they’re the 10-degree windows of each of the 30-degree Signs of the Zodiac; but Faces is more suggestive of what they are, which is images or pictures to help you remember their function, purpose and mindset. These used to be a lot more common in astrology than they are now; now only traditional astrologers use them, I understand — people like Christopher Warnock.

I think their main purpose, though, was probably as figures of memory in a Palace of Memory. By knowing the images or pictures, one could remember how to find that particular piece of information again. By distinguishing the frames from one another, by color or by image, a whole range of information could be conveyed to the viewer all at once. And THAT color could carry information, too.

I think my biggest problem is that the image descriptions are very, very figurative, and I don’t know if these are reliable or not.

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