Kavad 4.8 – faces of cancer 1&2

Having done the third face of Cancer in the previous post, I did the first and second faces of Cancer on the next page in my sketchbook (since the Kavad is at home right now, on my desk).

The first image is a friendly man with a basket of fruit in a sandalwood grove, with feet like a monkey’s and crooked hands, and a horselike body. I’ve chosen to interpret him as chunky, shorthaired, and with clunky, chunky arms and weird fingers. (It was odd trying to draw him… how do you deliberately screw up fingers, when they’re not that easy to draw in the first place?

The second image is a hard-hearted but beautiful woman with a stick and a snake, and a crown of myrtle or lotus leaves on her head. I was a little too rushed with this one, and it didn’t turn out very well. I’m not entirely pleased with it, particularly her nose, which i didn’t do so well at.

At least they’re preliminary sketches, right? I shudder to think what it’s going to be like doing these as miniatures, when/where the ‘canvas’ is three inches tall by two inches wide on the Kavad itself.

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