Taiji Day 119: Easing out a Cramp

Yesterday I was at my desk too long — my mala broke a few days ago, which I’d been using both as a reminder to get out and walk, and as a tool for timing exercise.  My left hip – the one in the car accident – cramped up so badly that I couldn’t sit down.  I could walk or stand or lie down flat (floor was better than the couch or the bed, it turned out), but not sit.  I wound up having to bail out on a dinner with a friend, while I lay there tensing muscles and relaxing them.  Eventually I got them settled out, but it wasn’t really until this morning that things were ok.

During the tai chi, it was better than OK, actually.  Apparently that work yesterday afternoon was needful, because today I’m much better and much more on my game.  SOme of the lingering crud from that accident so long ago seems to have cleared up, at least temporarily.  So far, so good.

I should say, for a man allegedly on vacation, I’m not getting much sleep.  Have to fix that.

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