Kavad 4.6 – the underbelly

Kavad 4.6 – the underbelly

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The bottom of the kavad clearly needs to be decorated as well, and I’ve been wondering what to put here. What I finally think works is to do an elaborate series of nested circles of protection, lined with the names of powerful warrior angels… and then within those triangles will be the names of the four "princes of demons offensive in the elements" from Agrippa… the big bad wolves of the Hermetic magical system. At the center will be some sort of divot or compartment, containing a sealed bound scroll with the secret names of my own personal demons. Thus, the kavad will be symbolically and physically holding them down and weighting them down, preventing their escape.

Those of you who practice magic will look at this circle and go, "wow, that’s sloppy," and perhaps worry for my safety… but you’ll notice that I haven’t put the names of the entities in these circles. So they’re going nowhere, at the moment.

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