Video of Kavad 4.6

Well, here it is… the completed-ish model of Hermetic Kavad 4.6 — with a complete outer skin, top and bottom. Not all the illustrations are great, but I have a sense now of the kinds of things that I’m working towards, and the framework that I’m working within, and the goals I’m setting out to achieve with this object — a prototype of an object of increasing sacredness and beauty (I hope!).

Enjoy your look around the thing, because I’m now going to be focusing on what I call Kavad 4.7 — working on the next layer of information, the material within the doors, and eventually within the drawers.

If you want to see how the whole process unfolded, you can start with this blog entry, Kavad of a Sacred Geometer, about the original object I saw at Wesleyan University, and then follow some of the earlier videos:

There’s also (probably a tedious) number of blog entries with still photos of the kavad in progress as I created all this artwork along the sides.  It’s coming along nicely, especially since this is ultimately proving to be quite a complex arrangement of information to keep straight in my head…  I’m glad to have all these notes!

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