taiji 101: Breathing

Yesterday, I sat in meditation for an hour (possibly more) at the Meditation Man’s center with about 12-15 other people.  It’s free and open to the public three times a week, and I’m finding that I like the egregore of the place — I can go deeper and stay in longer than I can on my own, and knowing it’s for an hour is helpful to my routine.  I’m getting much ‘better’ at meditation, I think, except that I’m not sure there’s anything to get ‘better’ at…

Five Golden Coins and Eight Pieces of Silk and the form today.  Nothing particular to report.  I am looking forward to an end to the meetings at school, so that I can sleep in a bit, and then, when I do get up, slow the taiji down even further.  But all of this is expectation, really.  It’s about getting up, moving through the forms, and moving on with your day.

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