Taiji Day 84: Slow Start

I am rising much later today than I usually do.  It’s been a crazy week at school, the last full five-day week before graduation. Spring concert, final presentations, exam review, and more.  Some of my colleagues think it’s crazy that I’m planning to work this weekend.  But hey, this is what I do: look at student papers and presentations, and try to offer rational thoughts about how to get better.

So, back to taiji.  It was a slow start.  My left hip is bothering me a lot (that’s the one the car hit me on), and I can’t sit for very long, but I’m sitting for a long time these days grading papers. (I’m going to try working at the coffee house where they have standing tables, but it’s a Saturday and there will be people wanting to socialize… no, not going to work). I’ve messed up this snake creeps down… do that one again.  Wait, is this where box ears with fists goes?  I thought it was later in the form.  Yes, it is.  Drop all pretense of knowing where I am in the form, and return to center.  I’ll have to start over.  Breathe deep, and …

Why am I on Facebook?  Why am I sitting in the living room, reading Facebook?

Back to the office, to the open floor, and that slight gap between floorboards.  Do the form. Do Eight Pieces of Silk.  Do Five Golden Coins. Do them right this time, and don’t get distracted. One after the other.  Flow between postures. Slow, fast, whatever, get them done.

The Watcher on the Threshold chuckles.  He almost had me today.  Breaks from routine are always the hardest to achieve follow-through.  But he has no power, if you have the discipline.


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