A spell for Towel Day

Find a purple envelope or pair an envelope. At Jupiter hour on May 25, label the envelope with “galactic bank – earth branch -” and your hometown, province and country. Note the Galactic Banking Association Number on it: 42=6×9 and your own name and personal account number. be sure to mark it “interest bearing account.”

Make a deposit of one penny in the envelope. Seal it and place it on your altar during a mercury hour, and command a messenger spirit to deliver the deposit at its next opportunity.

The Fabulous cost of your dinner at Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe, is now paid for.

Or, put in two pennies, and you can have the roller-skating waitress special, at the Big Bang Burger Bar, for just a little bit more…

Enjoy your meals! Have the cow. She’s delicious.

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