I was on TV this morning.

I was on TV this morning.  Last week, Channel 3’s Mark Dixon visited for his weekly show, Cool Schools, to do a taping.  You can see the final footage of our kids’ experience and the visual elements of this at WFSB’s website, here: via Independent Day School: Cool for design thinking.

The standard embed code isn’t working properly, and I don’t know why, so you’ll have to click through to see the page.  But it’s good exposure for our program.  I’m excited about the future, especially since we made a splash like this.  A wonderful kid said, “stereotyping” when I’d have wanted him to say “prototyping” but all the same I’m thrilled that they showed their abilities so well.

Tom Wujec demonstrated this exercise to me, of course: I would be remiss showing off this exercise without demonstrating the original source. His point is correct: this is a great way of training teams to work together. But it’s also a great way to show kids how to be prototypers, and to have their models fail early and often, to get to success faster. That’s just so important in any design process — to make multiple versions of your design, and get to the successful designs faster.

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