Taiji Day 79: Ordinary Time

This post doesn’t have much meat on it.  I did Five Golden Coins, then the form, then eight pieces of silk.  I’m able to do Eight Pieces of Silk without notes all the way through (though I must admit I don’t do the pieces in the right order yet.  Room for improvement).

The medieval Church acknowledged the season after Pentecost as Ordinary Time — the long period when things had to stay more or less the same. There were no major feasts of the Church, no major fasts, and the expectation was that things would be normal for a while.  So be it.

Taiji has its ordinary time too, one which I’ve been putting off for a few days at least. I’m entering into a season of maintenance, I think, when it will be enough to do the form without talking about it very much.  When the insights return, then I’ll write about them, but otherwise you’ll just see a quick acknowledgement that it was done.

Of course, the mere fact of saying, “no more insights for a while,” may be enough to trigger a new season of insights. So we’ll see.

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