Farewell, Maurice

Farewell, Maurice (art)
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We were doing ERB testing today, and I had a lot of time when I was at my desk but couldn’t really get too absorbed in any one project or lose track of what was going on around me.  As a result, I had some time to work on this … sketch? painting? drawing based on the cover of Maurice Sendak’s bookIn the Night Kitchen.  I wanted to do something to honor this great children’s author, and celebrate his life, and what he meant to me.

Via Flickr:
Made with Paper

Maurice Sendak died. I saw that Paper was ‘sponsoring’ a memorial for him, and I figured I’d join in the mourning.

As a kid, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Sendak on several occasions. My mother worked for Farrar Strauss and Giroux, his hardcover publishing company, and I shook his hand and thanked him for his books and the difference they made in my life, when I was still only under ten years old.

I think. I have to admit the memories are a little fuzzy. But this book that was my favorite is this one, In the Night Kitchen, published in 1970, the year I was born.

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  1. OK, scouted around and found 2 new apps to try. Paper Camera which actually turns your camera feed into cartoon style images and an app called Sketchbook which looks similar to what Paper does. Of course, my Droid X2 screen is significantly smaller, but will likely still be fun,

  2. How very wonderful that you got to meet him and thank him. You’ve got some mad art skills there. Is it watercolor and ink? You make it look easy, especially that you did this in school during testing. Makes me itchy to make some art.

    • It’s actually an app for iPad called Paper. One of the more awesome software drawing programs I’ve ever worked with, and also the source tool for much of my recent artwork.

    • Wow…I have total iPad envy in this moment. I hope they make a version someday that you can use with a PC and one of those drawing tablets. Been tempted to get a tablet for a while…

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