Day 61: 2 Months / One more time

Today marks two months of the taiji experiment.  I got up, did five golden coins, and then did the form twice in celebration.  That “once more” is occasionally really useful.  As I finished, I realized I was in the wrong place, facing the wrong direction.  It’s nice to be home again from our annual field trip, but going back to my usual space after days doing the form in a narrow hotel corridor was difficult.  So as I finished one pass-through of the form, I went right into the second one.

That floorboard gap was under my foot at the right time, the second time through.

One of the side effects of the tai chi practice is that I’m sleeping better.  I have a small app on my phone called Sleep Cycle, which tracks my sleeping habits with the accelerometer.  Not too bad for a computer program that cost 99¢, right?  Turns out I don’t get nearly enough sleep (especially on field trips), so I’ve been making  an effort to go to bed earlier.  It’s starting to have an effect. Our bodies definitely use sleep as a “reboot”, and I have only been giving my body enough time for a ‘soft’ reboot, and it’s been cutting into REM sleep.  REM sleep is dream-time, and without dreams, it’s hard to learn new things.  I’m trying to learn LOTS of new things all at the same time, and so this is challenging.  This sleep cycle program is helping me change that.  And it means that I wake up in the morning less groggy, and more willing to do the tai chi, than before.

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