Prototyping a Painting

Painting: wrong

My friend Daniel says its important to carry prototypes all the way to the end. That way you can see all the mistakes, and not just the ones that you made at the beginning. When I outlined my painting on canvas, I immediately realized that I hadn’t properly spaced the circles. As a result, I couldn’t follow the actual plan or outline of the Sefer Yetzirah, the tree of life. But, in the spirit of figuring out what it looks like when you do the geometry incorrectly, I realized a number of things.

One, the retraction of earth and the moon places the Moon sephirah in the place of power, not the sun. Thus daath or knowledge becomes a place of power unconnected to other realities. This is the realm of the invisible sun.

Second, the more regular geometry feels less organic, more structured. It’s not alive, exactly. It’s more balanced, but less energetic. The empty space is necessary for the work to flourish.

I’m going to keep working on this painting, but I suspect it won’t be a Tree of Life when I’m done.

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