Jeopardy Board

Jeopardy Board
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A group of kids produced this “Jeopardy Board” for a game in class where they were teaching students about life in the South between 1820 and 1860. But I thought to myself, “Why couldn’t we just have a jeopardy board ready to go all the time?”

We could use Post-It Notes® to cover over the finished squares, and to re-label the categories for different games. It could sit behind my desk most of the time, and get pulled out for quick games whenever memory was the name of the game. It would be a quick way to call up kids to lead an exercise — give them a list of questions, and ask them to take hands. Having the board available, and a template for creating questions, would be a quick way of doing a planning exercise for students, and a way of getting kids to quiz themselves on what they know.

Not a bad idea. I think I’ll use it.

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