Taiji Day 2: Bicycle Ridign [sic]

Yes, the spelling error in the title is correct.

Getting back into Taiji (Tai chi?) on Day 2 is a little bit like riding a bicycle.  But of course, it’s been years since you rode, the balance is a little unsteady, and where did all these extra gears and wires come from? Why are there shock absorbers built into the front fork of the bike? Is it deliberate that there’s all this extra shaking going on, or is that ‘maturity’ setting in?

It’s hard to know.  But the sudden burst of energy in the Dan Tien, the energy center just below and in from the belly button, is normal.  The sudden awareness of the vibration of the thorax, and the lines of chi flowing out the arms to the individual fingers, is the same.  In the half-decade since I was an avid taiji practitioner, though, I’ve being doing a lot of energy work within the Western Mystery Tradition (WMT), and I was surprised today to find that, a lot of that internal work from WMT has been integrated into the taiji internal processes I was working on such a long while ago.  Just as Reiki I and Reiki II found their way into my mindset and my body-set a while ago, so has WMT worked its way in, even though I hadn’t been actively working on Taiji.  I’m interested in how this happened, and how it will play out as I re-integrate Taiji into my daily practice, but today it was just a pleasure.

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