Taiji Day 3: Not so easy

OK, so it’s not quite like riding a bicycle.  You can do everything you did the day before, “nearly perfect,” and all the steps and postures in the right order, and look up to realize you’re four steps further south than you were when you started. Facing the right way, sure.  But your feet are not back where you started.

One of the assumptions of taiji, which I didn’t get then, but totally get now, after a lot of spirit work involved in claiming a space and setting a zone of operation, is that it does banish negative energies from a space.  Jason Miller might call it assuming the aspect of a wrathful spirit.  One takes on the persona of a warrior, moves through a series of forms, and those forms are about shoving around and subduing anyone and anything that might be in that space.  (This includes my own spirit, since I’m breathing hard by the end, sucked into the discipline of the forms).  One of the reasons why the WMT work I’ve done has integrated with the taiji so well is that WMT is also about seizing a space, and then being the pillar of energy at the center of that work, joining above and below.  Taiji starts from the assumption that you are the space, and the pillar within it, at all times.  I’ll have more to say about this in the days ahead, I’m sure, but that’s what I feel today.

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