Unusual Consultations

About two week ago, I conducted an unusual consultation.

A friend of mine had troubles with her house.  Energy and bad juju spill into her apartment from next door.  The house is dark; it was filled with negative vibes; and she doesn’t really like living there: bad dreams haunt her there, as nowhere else; old ghosts of her past trouble her there and rarely anywhere else; family matters stir up difficulties regularly when she’s at home.  But, at least for the moment, she has to live there.  She works across the street, the rent is cheap, the living is uneasily easy.

She asked me if I could be of assistance.  And I could.  We talked for about an hour or so by phone.  I drew a few tarot cards for her, to consult the guardians of her home, the genii loci of her residence.  After some further discussion about the types of negative energy she experienced, and its qualities — at least some of my readers probably think it’s ridiculous that places have feelings, and can be depressed or angry, or lethargic, or feel miasmic, or slimy…  but that’s how it felt to her —  and to me, two hours drive away.  Anyway, I laid out a series of possibilities for action. From least action on my part to more radical, these were:

  • Install a psychic drain, to let some of the rottenness drain from her space to go somewhere else;
  • Hire a professional psychic ‘space clearer’ – yes, there are such things – to flush her space;
    • I was very careful to point out that I was NOT such a professional
    • I knew the theory of it, but hadn’t done it.
  • Design a “sump” for the bad energy – a lodestone or hematite wrapped in black tissue paper, in a brightly painted box – to attract bad energy and collect it, away from the living areas; and reflect positive energy out.
  • Attach a pump to the sump — a clear quartz point to sterilize and ship the energy outbound.
  • Perform a house blessing, which I’ve done before.
    • A house blessing is not an exorcism
    • Exorcisms are when you want spirits to come out of people.
    • blessings are when you want spirits out of spaces.
  • Establish a high-energy output fountain in her apartment.
    • Energy flows from high to low…
      • bad energy flows into her apartment now…
      • therefore the energy in the apartment is low.
    • Open a conduit to the divine, then…
      • high energy flows out…
      • bad energy experiences an already-full container…
      • must flow elsewhere, and settle elsewhere.

My friend decided to open up a connection to the divine.  More work, more discussion.  It gradually became clear that aside from a little information, all the necessary tools and materials were already in her house.  She had the right kind of incense.  She found the right kind of figurine, carved of exactly the right kind of stone.  The right kind of material supports.  There was a place in her house that was practically begging to be used for this purpose.  The correspondences of animal, and mythology, and stone, and incense, and color, all lined up one after the other, like tumblers in a lock meeting the right key, one after the other.

I looked up a suitable prayer or two on the Internet.  As I did so, my friend heard the relevant being with whom we were seeking friendship and communion and aid, speaking in her mind.  Quite a trick, really, given that we were in different (U.S.) states at the time, and both of us sober.

Things have gotten better. Slowly at first, then with great speed.


I’d like to say I learned to do this sort of thing in school.  But I didn’t.  I learned from books I wasn’t supposed to read, and workshops I wasn’t supposed to take, and blogs that I wasn’t supposed to make part of my regular reading habits.

But we don’t really live in the world we think we do.  The cave of Lascaux is only 40,000 years ago — practically in the next town from where we live now. Stonehenge is less than 10,000 years ago, which is the part of our town we think of as the ghetto.  Your kid once threw a baseball through the window of the Renaissance, which is just up the street from where you live now.  And the Salem Witch Trials live just next door.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again (and Gordon keeps reminding me, even if I forget): We don’t really live in the world we think we do.

Nor do I think this will be the last such consultation like this that I’ll do in my life.  If anything, they’re happening more frequently.

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