First snowy non-snow day

It’s snowing a little today, but mostly it’s raining, and we have school today. It’s the first Tuesday we’ve had school in a few weeks; most of the storms have hit us mid-week. WeatherBug shows us at the southern edge of the storm, which should be over, I’m guessing, by mid-day.  The ten-day forecast shows warmer days, some rain, and only snow showers once.  So it’s possible that the worst of winter is behind us.

My friend Steve said this past weekend that we all would like Spring to be here right now, but that the latter half of winter is about preparing for the Spring that is to come.  We’ve all been so focused on getting through the winter, that a lot of us have simply been concentrating on “getting through”. Yet next week is the last week before winter vacation (we’ve almost had more days of vacation as a result of snow days than we’ll have in February break!), and it’s time to think about what sort of plans to make for the spring.

What are your plans?

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