Sunday: Three Random Posts

A collection of three random posts from the archives appear here every Sunday… sometimes, like today, only at the last minute when I remember I’m trying to do this:

  • 1) An Alleyway in Portsmouth, NH — a reminder to notice beauty all around us, and soak up the ideas inherent in the designs of both nature and human-created space.
  • 2) The frustrations of writing in someone else’s space — We all have our writing processes, and I have mine in particular.  It’s frustrating to write in a new environment for me, and this was particularly challenging this day.  It’s a reminder of why I’m having such a challenging time settling into my own new apartment: I don’t feel like it’s mine yet, and I haven’t adopted a new writing process here.  So I’m not home, yet, and that means I don’t have a writing place yet.  Hmm! Explains a lot!
  • 3) Sonnet for the August Kalends — when I wrote these, I was a little unclear about how the calendars worked.  I thought the Kalends was the last day of the month, instead of the first day.  So here, the Kalends refers to the last day of August, the 31st.   One of the things I’m liking about these Sunday random post features is the chance to re-categorize and re-tag materials.  It will be really nice when I can go through my blog and find things by using the “tag clouds” in a few months, and discover that the indices and categories actually work, instead of being mostly empty.

So there you are… some blasts from the past, and a strong reminder that half the power of a blog is in its ability to recall information to mind that you thought you’d forgotten completely, so that it can reinvigorate your practice in a new way.

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