What do you recommend?

I’ve sort of gotten away from reading a lot of websites over the last few months.  Adjusting to a new job, a new hometown, a new schedule, and a new grade level have all complicated my life a lot.  I’ve also lost a couple of family members recently, and while their deaths didn’t directly affect me (insofar as I’m not cleaning out houses and prepping for the sale of property on eBay, etc.), their departure from the physical body certainly upset me and disrupted my life to a degree.  As a result, I’ve sort of moved away from reading a lot of things lately, other than the New York Times (particularly Paul Krugman), and John Michael Greer’s The Archdruid Report.

That and webcomics:

I watch a lot of TED.com videos, too.  I also read a few blogs like weblogg-ed.com, and Dangerouslyirrelevant.org that are specific to education or to design issues, or marketing:

What am I missing? What am I missing out on? Who should I be reading that I’m not?  Who should my readers be connecting to, that we’re not? And what new art forms are out there that I should be connecting my kids to on a regular basis?

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