Video: Using Google Docs to make quizzes

There are a lot of these videos about how to create quizzes out there, but this is mine. There are many others like it, but this is mine.  Et cetera, et cetera, and so forth.

One of my deans asked me to make a point of giving more quizzes in the second trimester.  I objected (but not strenuously), saying that I wasn’t really sure of the value of them in such a small class… but she made a good argument, pointing out that students need to experience a lot of different kinds of assessments, so that they become practiced at working through different kinds of evaluations by different teachers.

I agreed with that, certainly.  Then, I saw a blog post about making Google forms into quizzes, thanks to a Tweet that passed through my live feed on Twitter.  (Thanks, Twitter!) I talked to my dean, and said, “Why don’t I give a quiz using Google forms? Then I teach kids how to make their own quizzes, and ask them to generate a quiz a week as part of their reading process?  Then teach them how to program them to auto-correct?” She thought that was a fine idea, and so it begins…  They’ll be making quizzes this week as part of their process.

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