Africa Presentation

My sixth graders are studying the geography of Africa, and they have a quiz on Thursday. I put together this “quick look at Africa” presentation this morning, so that I can give them some visual shorthand images that help them understand what the different ‘terrain types’ their book talks about make sense.

What is it about publishers that makes them lavish three pages on wordy descriptions of the seven terrain types of Africa, but then provide four images that are all African savanna??

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    • Dear Maggie,

      I’m saying this: our sixth grade textbook has three pages of written material on what seven different parts of Africa look like — but those same three pages have three pictures that all show the same part. IF you were reading a story about Africa, you would want to know what each of the parts looked like, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t that help you fix in your mind what “Africa” looked like?

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