Dressing for Halloween?

I found this while trying to get inspired about dressing up tomorrow. I’m still not inspired (though I’m very hyped up on coffee), but I thought maybe some of you would find this helpful for your own preparations…

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  1. Dear Mr. Watt,
    I think your halloween costume was great. As well as that video. Your costume reminded me of Jason from Friday the 13. No offense but I doubt anyone at school would want to see you as a zombified ballerina. Hope you liked the candy corn! 🙂
    Your Favorite Student,
    Maggie Hughes

    • Dear Maggie,

      I don’t have A favorite student. I think you’re all great. Thanks for liking my costume. I think teachers have a lot of difficulty figuring out what to dress as for holidays like Halloween — we can’t be too outrageous, like the zombified fairy ballerina. And at our school, we ban costumes with weapons, so I couldn’t be a ninja; and it would be bad form to dress up like a gangster or an assassin, because I don’t want to encourage students to grow up to be those things. But a nice guy dressed all in black with a wallet chain? I can be that.

    • Dear Mr. Watt,
      I know you don’t have a favorite student. Most teachers don’t. Most students will say that though. Even check Mariah’s picture above your white board. I am glad you are aware of the costume consept. At my old school not all teachers were. It was really aqward.

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