Learning a cookbook

Because I don’t work at a boarding school any more, I’ve decided to relearn the art of simple food preparation. I used to make elaborate meals, long ago, and derived great satisfaction from it. The last few years I let it go, to my increasing wonder and dismay. Food? How could one forget food?

So I’m using Alice Waters’s book Simple Food. The first part of the book is about kitchen tools — what to have and how to use them. The second part is pantry — what to have in your fridge and food cupboard. The third part is simple Western-style food techniques; the last part is all recipes.

This morning I set two small steaks marinating. They broiled while I relearned the art of making vinaigrette. And I had dinner on the table, and in my mouth, fifteen minutes or so after I got home.

I could get used to this.

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