Map Re-set

I re-set my ClustrMaps icon so that it updates monthly. Part of me is not pleased with the result. It’s easy to think that you’ve built a strong audience when you have dots from all over the world.

But this is more honest. Now I have a sense of my monthly readership, and I can be more realistic about myself and my writing ability with others who ask about my blog.

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    • By the way, your archive will automatically include the maps that bsullivan35 has suggested, i.e. snapthots of all past thumbnail maps. You’ll find these by visiting the ‘Maps archive’ link above your large world map!

      All the best,

      -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team
      ***DON’T FORGET: you can choose much nicer map styles on the Admin page (see ‘Map styles’ tab on the right). All users are eligible, although ClustrMaps+ users have a larger range of shadings, dot colours, labels and languages … see some representative examples here:

  1. Me too. I read in Reader and seldom visit the actual page. I saw my red dot…the lonely one in Washington State:)

    • I don’t know if it tracks readers or RSS feed selectors or not. But I look at it this way… if it gets you to visit the actual page so that you introduce yourself from time to time — well, that’s a bonus.

      Hi, Jonathan. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

  2. Does the ClustrMap show people who are subscribed to your feed and reading in a reader? (Google tells me there are 102 subscribed to your feed.) There are lots of times when I don’t click out, even when I enjoy the writing.

    • I have a hundred and two readers!? I didn’t know Google reader revealed the number of subscribers. Thanks for teaching me something new.

      I don’t know that ClustrMap does track readers. I do like that I can tell who is coming regularly, as opposed to the occasional visitor.

      In any case, thanks for leaving a comment and introducing yourself.

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