What would it take for the New York Times to update this chart?

Because this animated graph, showing how the major US banks got absolutely gobsmacked by the financial crisis of the last couple of years, should be required watching.  I want to know what’s happened to the banks in the months since 9/12/2009… and I want to see this graph updated every few months.

Thanks to the taxpayer bailout, the future of America’s largest financial institutions is the future of our institutions, and, frankly, the creation of useful visual aids to understand complex issues is one of the things we should keep journalism alive to do.  Hans Rosling wasn’t a trained reporter, but he taught me more about Global Health issues in his 20-minute TED talk than I learned in all of my high school and college years (certainly more than all of Tintin did).

How do we teach students how to create and maintain these kinds of datasets?

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