The Other Alignment

The other alignment in my life this weekend actually began on Wednesday.  I woke up later than usual, and realized that I had a fencing match on Wednesday night and Friday night.  That  I was taking my dormitory to Target on Saturday night, and that I was one of the Sunday duty masters, which included evening study hall.  Oh, I also preached in chapel yesterday on the Baptism of Christ and the Epiphany.  Plus a fencing practice.  And I’m also on duty tonight for dormitory.

Between all these things, I was/will be on duty and doing things for school (or on call while sleeping) between about 9:30 am on Wednesday and 2:00 pm tomorrow (Tuesday), except for an hour and a half this past Saturday morning, and a similar hour and a half this evening.

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    • It’s up to the host school, unfortunately. We fenced NFA on Friday, which you could have done… but you wouldn’t have wanted to do Cheshire High School last Wednesday. It was a two-hour drive for us getting back, and an hour and a half out…

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